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He's A Very Useful Engine*

One of my favourite moments of the day is when we curl up on the couch or his bed with a pile of books and read without the distraction of his big brothers. Reading has always been my favourite way to unwind, and it is a gift I want to pass along to my children. Thomas & Friends stories feature strongly, as with his brothers at this age, and revisiting the familiar stories brings back memories of all the other times I've read them with a little boy on my lap.

Back in the Fall, I was fortunate to win a Kobo eReader from She's Connected. Ever in love with new gadgets, my older boys immediately started pestering me to let them use it. We reached a compromise in which I am reading them a couple Grimm's Fairy Tales, from the Kobo's preloaded library of classics, a few nights a week. It didn't turn out quite the way I expected...