(Roll over the titles for a short review of each book.)

  1. The House With A Clock In Its Walls
  2. The Flame And The Flower
  3. All I Want For Christmas
  4. Everlasting
  5. A Rose In Winter
  6. The Elusive Flame
  7. A Season Beyond A Kiss
  8. Forever In Your Embrace
  9. So Worthy My Love
  10. The Wolf And The Dove
  11. Shanna
  12. The Reluctant Suitor
  13. Comes The Blind Fury
  14. Death Comes to Pemberley
  15. Crescent City
  16. The Scottish Prisoner (Diana Gabaldon)
  17. The Glass Virgin
  18. Passion's Reign
  19. Ashes In The Wind
  20. The Ghost In The Mirror
  21. The Lives Of Rachel
  22. When The Music Changed
  23. The Midwife of Venice
  24. Mary, Called Magdalene (Margaret George)
  25. RMS Titanic - Gilded Lives On A Final Voyage
  26. A Dance With Dragons
  27. Sands Of Time
  28. Gift Of Wings (Richard Bach)
  29. Secret Daughter
  30. The Help
  31. The Strange Case Of Hellish Nell
  32. Winter Frost (R.D. Wingfield)
  33. The Island Walkers (John Bemrose)
  34. What's Your Number? (Karyn Bosnak)
  35. Here We Go Again: My Life In Television (Betty White)
  36. Secret Weapon (Opal Carew)
  37. Total Abandon (Opal Carew)
  38. Six (Opal Carew)
  39. Forbidden Heat (Opal Carew)
  40. Pleasure Bound (Opal Carew)
  41. Dangerous Pleasure (Lora Leigh)
  42. This Body Of Death (Elizabeth George)
  43. Guilty Pleasure (Lora Leigh)
  44. Forbidden Pleasure (Lora Leigh)
  45. Live Wire (Lora Leigh)
  46. Ask For It (Sylvia Day)
  47. Sweet Possession (Maya Banks)
  48. Darkfever (Karen Marie Moning)
  49. Bloodfever (Karen Marie Moning)
  50. Faefever (Karen Marie Moning)
  51. Dreamfever (Karen Marie Moning)
  52. Shadowfever (Karen Marie Moning)
  53. The Passage (Justin Cronin)
  54. No Rest For The Wicked (Kresley Cole)
  55. Dark Needs At Night's Edge (Kresley Cole)
  56. Dreams Of A Dark Warrior (Kresley Cole)
  57. Demon From The Dark (Kresley Cole)
  58. Lothaire (Kresley Cole)
  59. Dark Desires After Dusk (Kresley Cole)
  60. Pleasure Of A Dark Prince (Kresley Cole)
  61. Kiss Of A Demon King (Kresley Cole)
  62. Relentless (Dean Koontz)
  63. Lover Reborn (J.R. Ward)
  64. If You Dare (Kresley Cole)
  65. If You Desire (Kresley Cole)
  66. A Hunger Like No Other (Kresley Cole)
  67. Virtue And Vice (Megan Hart)
  68. Poison Princess (Kresley Cole)
  69. Envy (J.R. Ward)
  70. Pleasure Unbound (Larissa Ione)
  71. Desire Unchained (Larissa Ione)
  72. Immortal Rider (Larissa Ione)
  73. If You Deceive (Kresley Cole)
  74. Eternal Rider (Larissa Ione)
  75. Nauti And Wild (Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton)
  76. The Witch Of Babylon (D.J. McIntosh)
  77. Taken By Sin (Jaci Burton)
  78. The Sisters Brothers (Patrick deWitt)
  79. Riding The Night (Jaci Burton)
  80. Iced (Karen Marie Moning)
  81. The Mongoliad, Book One (various)
  82. Hunting The Demon (Jaci Burton)
  83. The Confession (John Grisham)
  84. The Woman Next Door (Barbara Delinsky)
  85. Song of Songs (Beverley Hughesdon)
  86. Whispers (Belva Plain)