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It's Winter and I am sure may of you can commiserate with me when I say that trying to convince a toddler to keep his snow gear on SUCKS. Mittens are the worst, in my opinion, as they are so easy to take off. This week, I picked up a pair of Mox (by Woombie) in the hope that the extra long cuffs would provide too great a challenge for Boy#3.

Anyone with a baby knows a good baby carrier makes anything possible, whether it be navigating a crowded mall, helping a fussy baby get to sleep, or (in my case) breezing through a busy shift at work while keeping your hands free for whatever you need to do. A great carrier does this by properly distributing your baby’s weight across your back, shoulders and hips, adapting to your changing needs by allowing you to wear your baby on your front, hip, or back.