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A number of years ago, suffering holiday burnout, I decided to simplify my holidays. Under the "keeping it simple, keeping it fun" motto, I issued myself an annual gifting challenge -- one year everything had to be "previously loved", discovered in thrift stores and antique shops. Another year, I used reusable wrappings for everything -- tea towels and fabric ribbons make great wrapping paper and a gal can never have too many new tea towels! What are your holiday strategies to keep the holidays fun and stress-free?

This is a great play dough recipe that makes great use of Kool-aid powder for both colour and scent! It's very pliable and easy to clean up afterwards. When Boy#1 and Boy#2 were in kindergarten, I used to make some from time to time to drop off for the classroom. If stored in a ziploc bag, it will keep for a very long time.

I prefer to avoid commercial diaper ointments, creams and balms for Boy#3. Mainly, I don't like the idea of rubbing chemicals into the skin in his diaper area, but a lot of mainstream rash creams are very bad for cloth diapers -- coating the fibers and rendering them unable to absorb liquid. When I do need to use "a little something" as part of the diapering routine, I like to use my homemade Bottom Balm. It's easy to make, has 2(!) ingredients -- both of which you can pronounce ;), and it gives a nice sheen to the skin making the next diaper change that much easier to clean. The beauty of using coconut oil is that it is naturally solid at room temperature!

When I was a kid advent calendars brought to mind waxy, tasteless chocolates and cardboard depictions of the stable scene: Mary and Joseph, under the guidance of half of a zoo, some foreign dignitaries, and various hangers-on, watching the beatific Christ child sleeping blissfully in the manger. Not here, not this year. This year we are doing something a little different..