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Recipe: Biscotti

Biscotti makes a great hostess gift for dinner parties, a lovely accompaniment to a gift of freshly roasted coffee beans, or as a sweet indulgence for yourself when hanging those stockings on Christmas Eve. 

Like to make gifts, but are pushed for time? Want to give homemade, but feel uncreative? Essential oil reed diffusers are easy to make with extra points for presentation -- they look so pretty when done! They are also a welcome, more natural way to fill a home with lovely scents!

When I was a kid I loved Christmas -- I adored the cheesy music, the month-long anticipation of The Big Day had me unable to sit still, I couldn't get enough of the various preparations for family meals, church services, concerts, and school break. This love of the Holiday was still so strong with me that when I met DH we had to strike a compromise in which I could only start listening to Christmas music on December 1st or as soon as the first snow fell -- whichever came first. Given we lived in Nova Scotia, I never got to start early (though the arrangement had to be modified once we moved to Ottawa!)...