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Life is full of transitions. I've always thought of these moments of big change as doorways I step through into another point in my life. Some are obvious -- getting married, moving to Ottawa, having my boys -- but some are less apparent but no less transformative. Since having my boys, I have gotten a lot of joy from watching them approach their own moments of transition with grace and aplomb, in their own time and in their own way. [...]

One more day before the kids are set free for summer. One more day before I actually have to have plans (and, oh, I have plans.. but they're not entirely organized yet). One more day to make sure we have all the phone numbers and contact details to keep the boys in touch with their friends over the summer. One more day. [...]

Things have been in a state of flux here -- a bit of change in our lives that, thus far anyway, seems positive and exciting. Dh has already had a bunch of interviews and one solid offer, but is still at home with us for now; we've begun working on a combined website, pooling our hobbies and habits; the boys have been enjoying their March Break; and I've started working. I think that last thing is the most exciting change for me. I haven't "worked" since January 2002. It feels like a lifetime ago -- hell, I was a 34B then! can you believe I'm now a 34E?! -- and I miss the adult interaction more and more as time goes by.

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