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Mother's Day is 2 days away. I've been contemplating what it means to me, outside of the Hallmark Holiday-ness of it all, and thinking about my last 9 years of mothering. My youngest turns 1 year old in a week, so age and stages are in the forefront of my mind, as they are anytime one of my children hits a milestone. But what about my stages?

Life is full of transitions. I've always thought of these moments of big change as doorways I step through into another point in my life. Some are obvious -- getting married, moving to Ottawa, having my boys -- but some are less apparent but no less transformative. Since having my boys, I have gotten a lot of joy from watching them approach their own moments of transition with grace and aplomb, in their own time and in their own way. [...]

This isn't going to be the post you think it is. Seriously. My boys' current fascination with breasts has very little to do with the titillating prospect of female nudity. No, my boys' current fascination with breasts is purely based in their function -- just when I think I've learned everything I need to know about breastfeeding, my boys teach me something new.