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One Small Step

There is a balance that needs to be struck between keeping our kids safe and teaching our kids to keep themselves safe -- between teaching them independence and encouraging them to use that independence.

Today I let my 8yr old walk to school alone.

Things have been in a state of flux here -- a bit of change in our lives that, thus far anyway, seems positive and exciting. Dh has already had a bunch of interviews and one solid offer, but is still at home with us for now; we've begun working on a combined website, pooling our hobbies and habits; the boys have been enjoying their March Break; and I've started working. I think that last thing is the most exciting change for me. I haven't "worked" since January 2002. It feels like a lifetime ago -- hell, I was a 34B then! can you believe I'm now a 34E?! -- and I miss the adult interaction more and more as time goes by.

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