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Recipe: Great Grammie's Molasses Cookies

This recipe started out as an approximation of what my grandmother would toss into a mixing bowl — “a little of this, a pinch of that” interpreted and transcribed by me into “cups” and “teaspoons”. After making many batches over several years, I finally tweaked it to a point where I was content to add it to my “Family Recipes” cookbook, and now I’m going to share it with you.

Recipe: War Cake

Nothing heralds the holidays for my taste buds quite like a slab of war cake next to my morning cup of coffee. This is a traditional recipe in our family, dating back to days of wartime rationing -- this version an adaptation of my great aunt's! It only gets better as it ages, so make two -- one for eating and one for keeping.

Recipe: Savory Potato Dressing

This recipe is my approximation of the Nova Scotian summer savoury dressing my grandmother made for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when I was a child. It replaces mashed potatoes as part of our holiday meals and is the first container of leftovers I reach for the next day!