All in Sewing

Okay, I admit I've been a terrible blogger lately -- I'm sure I've excuses, generally do, but the truth is I was busy worrying about Swine Flu, what my follow-up ultrasound would show, dealing with two(!) different colds,building a robot dragon costume for #2 and trying to get my ass in gear for the craft fair I'm in on November 21st...

One more day before the kids are set free for summer. One more day before I actually have to have plans (and, oh, I have plans.. but they're not entirely organized yet). One more day to make sure we have all the phone numbers and contact details to keep the boys in touch with their friends over the summer. One more day. [...]

I resort to lists too often. Today is my first day in the house by myself for the full day, as DH started his new job this past Friday (and #2 is half days on Monday and I work on Tuesdays). I made a big list and only have one significant entry left to accomplish. Yay me! Yay lists! Still, there are always more brief disjointed comments I can jot down about what's going on with me.. [click through to read more]