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Adventures In Potty Training, Round 4

Adventures In Potty Training, Round 4

Adventures in Toilet Training.png

This article contains affiliate links to some of my preferred potty training accessories. 

Summer is here, camping and travel plans are being made, and I'm preparing myself for toilet training my 3yr old.

It's been a few years since I've done it -- #Kid3 is now 8 -- so I'm refreshing my memory reading through old notes to myself, seeing what new products are on the market, and getting ready to jump in feet first.

Anyone who says girls are easier to toilet train than boys has not met #Kid4.

She has been dry overnight since 6mos old, but even at that tender age resisted be sat on the potty or toilet for her morning pee. Her ear-splitting screams of rage at the indignity of it all were hilarious (at first), and her very strong will has made reasoning with her a lost cause. She's more spice than sugar, and I wouldn't have her any other way.

I console myself by telling myself this stubborn streak will serve her well when she's older, but it's making toilet training a challenge. My first three kids, by comparison, all trained by around age 3, with #Kid3 taking the longest (especially with overnights).

Summer weather means we can spend a lot of time outside, which cuts down on puddles on the floor and is a little easier than the mad dash to our upstairs bathroom.

My favourite fully waterproof potty training paints are Bummis potty pants. They have a great range of sizes to fit even the tiniest bottoms, have a reasonable price point, and are readily available both locally and online. Their cute patterns appeal to kids and their stretchy sides make them a breeze for little hands to pull up and down. They are trim enough to fit under regular clothing, and will hold a full pee.

Bonus? They're made in Canada, so they also help create Canadian jobs and boost our domestic economy!

When starting out, I find that 6 pairs are a good number to have on hand -- that way you're not washing them every night. 

For long car trips, I also suggest investing in a waterproof car seat liner as back up to the Potty Pants.

It's worth checking to see if your car seat manufacturer has a product designed specifically to work with their seats.

I have Britax seats, so I will be picking up a Britax Seat Saver Waterproof Liner, but have used the Summer Infant Piddle Pad in the past. Jolly Jumper also makes a car seat protector at a slightly lower price point.

Last but not least, you need the perfect potty.

My favourite is the Potette Plus Travel Potty simply because it is the most versatile seat on the market right now. You can use it as a seat reducer on an adult toilet seat. You can use it as a travel potty but flipping down the legs. It's compact enough to fit into a Thirsties wet bag and take with you on the go. It comes in a couple different colours.

You can buy potty liners to use under it, when using it as a travel potty, but you can also use prefolds to catch the mess if you prefer a reusable option. When camping, heavy duty paper towels work well. It is reasonably priced and easy to clean.

Once you're set up with the gear, it really comes down to persistence, consistency, child readiness, and a sprinkling of unicorn dust. Every child is different, so try not to gauge the success of yours against the success of others!

If you're embarking on the same adventure as I am this summer, I wish you strength, luck, and great success. 

See you on the flip side!

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