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4 Favourite Thanksgiving Recipes

4 Favourite Thanksgiving Recipes


Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and I’m neck deep in preparations. Here is a round up of four of my favourite holiday recipes to inspire you!

Boiled Onions

These sound like a completely improbable dish, but something about the combination of brown sugar, cider vinegar, a pinch of salt, and onions is irresistible.

They are very easy to make, and a great dish to make ahead of time and reheat in the oven before serving.

You can find the full recipe here: Boiled Onions

Savory Potato Dressing

This recipe is based off one my grandmother made every Thanksgiving and Christmas. She didn’t really follow a recipe, so through trial and error this is what I came up with. We serve this instead of mashed potatoes and stuffing.

I find the flavour is best if it is assembled the night before and put in the fridge to chill before baking the next day.

You can find the full recipe here: Savory Potato Dressing

Squash Pie

Squash pie is the lighter, more delicate counterpart to the traditional pumpkin pie. The use of honey as a sweetener makes it wonderfully fragrant. I prefer my squash pie chilled, but many people prefer it at room temperature.

If you’ve a light touch, it can be fun to float pastry cut outs on top of the custard filling. I find this works best if you do it after it has been in the oven for about 10 minutes.

You can find the full recipe here: Squash Pie

Mashed Veg Bread

This is a great way to use up leftover mashed squash. It makes an aromatic, dense loaf, similar to banana bread.

If you want to make it and don’t have any leftovers, canned squash or pumpkin will work just fine.

You can find the full recipe here: Mashed Veg Bread

What special recipes will you be making and serving at your table this weekend?



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