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DIY: Not-Quite-The-Chip-Truck Poutine

DIY: Not-Quite-The-Chip-Truck Poutine


We love poutine at our house. January and February are always a little sad, as a result, as our local chip truck tends to pack up and stay home for these coldest months in Ottawa. We tend to make a lot of stuff from scratch here at our house but, even so, I tend to have a bag or two of my favorite fries in my freezer. I think they're the best-tasting (unspiced) frozen fries out there right now, and they bake up nice and crispy in the oven.

To make Not-Quite-The-Chip-Truck Poutine, you need the following:

  • 2 bags of your favorite frozen fries
  • 1 x 500g bag of cheese curds
  • 1 packet of your favorite powdered gravy or 1 can of "poutine sauce" (don't ask, this post might have been written just as an excuse to try it!)

Prepare the fries according to the package instructions. Halfway through baking, make the gravy or heat up the poutine sauce.

Assembly: This part is important, as it has to be fast to make sure everything melts together well!

Put a small handful of fries in the bottom of the bowl. Add a couple tablespoons of curds, and top with more fries, and another few tablespoons of curds. Add your sauce of choice, and enjoy!

This makes enough for 5-6 generous servings.

The verdict? Not quite as good as the chip truck (hence the name), but at least as good as Costco. Clearly, I need to make it again -- maybe with real "from scratch" gravy next time!

Related: "poutine sauce" is pretty gross. The turkey gravy was tasty, though. ;)

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