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"Too Full" Tuesday

Summer Savory Dressing
Summer Savory Dressing

A mostly wordless post, in honour of Thanksgiving leftovers:

The biggest surprise, for me, at our meal was Boy#2 (8.5yrs) admitting that boiled onions were better than he expected and that, while he wouldn't eat them by choice, he wouldn't refuse to eat them if they were put on his plate. Progress! ;D

Dessert -- made extra sweet because it contained squash grown on my parents' property in Nova Scotia, in addition to the Ottawa-grown squash purchased from our favorite farm stall at our Market:

Squash Pie
Squash Pie

What was on your Thanksgiving table? Did you have more than one holiday dinner? Did you host family and friends? What special traditions or recipes are particular to your annual celebration?

Most importantly, what's your favorite way to use up leftover turkey? ;D

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Paying It Forward

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