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Employing The Toddler Rules Of Acquisition

When he is tired, our 2 year old is quite stubborn. Getting him to do what we want or need him to do can take a lot of convincing and often ends up being an exercise in exasperation.

Boy#3 wearing his "Precious"
Boy#3 wearing his "Precious"

One of the most effective techniques in our house to overcome this challenge is utilizing the well-known, oft-joked-about "Toddler Rules Of Acquisition."

If you haven't seen this list circulating on the internet yet, I highly recommend checking it out. It is disturbingly (amusingly!) accurate.

We went camping this weekend and had many opportunities to put this strategy in action. After one particularly frustrating afternoon of our exhausted toddler not caring what we declared to be ours, my 10 year old found the perfect carrot to dangle:

What can I say? He really loves his life jacket! ;)

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