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2012 Flats Challenge

I often tell people that the thing I love about cloth diapering is that, unlike with disposables, I rarely have to touch poop or wash it out of clothing. I am not a fan of touching gross stuff, so if I can avoid it, I will. Which is why I'm a little surprised with myself for signing on to the 2nd Annual Flats Challenge. For 7 days, I will be posting about flat diapers, hand-washing them when they need to be cleaned, and sharing pictures and video of my experiences. The challenge runs from May 21st - May 27th.

This challenge appeals to me for a few different reasons:

1. I'm a big believer that cloth diapering doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Cloth diapering with flats is taking it back to basics in a big way. For $64 (24 flat diapers), plus the cost of 5 one-size wrap-style covers (approx $18/ea), you can buy a one-size diapering solution for a total outlay of $154 (+tax). This stash can be used on a baby from birth until toilet training. That's approximately what many people spend on disposables in just 2 months.

2. I'm going camping later this summer and am planning to use this method of diapering (and hand-washing them), and thought this would be a fun way to try it out and perfect my technique.

3. I'm strangely curious just how gross it could possibly be. I'll be honest, I'm going to miss the flushable liners like crazy -- that will be my biggest challenge in this! Life is about pushing our limits, though, right? Touching poo by choice is definitely one of mine. I think it might even be carved in stone somewhere. ;)

Stay tuned and see how I make out! I already love flats, especially as inexpensive, quick-drying inserts for pocket diapers, but I'm not sure that love will extend to the hand-washing aspect of this challenge. I'm tempted to crack out our antique washboard..

Flats Handwashing Challenge: Day 1

Flats Handwashing Challenge: Day 1

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