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Geeking Out On Diapers

I always joke that I can geek out on just about anything, given the right incentive: There was the year I started experimenting with different flours (oh, the variety we had!), and the time I took up handspinning (so much fibre!), and those years when I was a kid when I was so into miniatures (I learned about the importance of scale, and took a night course in drafting at the local college with my Dad). When my oldest son was born, my husband and I ran a website on natural parenting for several years before life got busy and I lost interest (but not before I geeked out on pregnancy tests and peed on just about every stick on the Canadian market, putting them all into a convenient HTML table for easy access). Obsessively geeking out is something on which I thrive when a topic catches my interest.

Since the birth of my third, that parenting geekiness has returned in full force. Once again I am reading papers on breastfeeding and birthing issues, I'm being a total dork about the awesomeness of babywearing and extended breastfeeding, and, once again, I'm totally geeking out about diapers.

What started out as a simple spreadsheet to quench my own curiosity has blossomed into a full-fledged list of diaper absorbency rankings for the diapers I have reviewed for my blog, in addition to many I have not. I field diaper absorbency questions frequently where I work, so ultimately having them all listed in one place was to help me better answer our customers. I hope my readers find this as interesting (and surprising!) as I have. :)

As always, all of my cloth diapering posts (not pages) can be found under the Cloth Diapering Info tab at the top of the site.

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Review: Barnyard Bummz Fitted*

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