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Video Tutorial: Poop? Don't Panic!

If you're using wool covers in your diaper stash, congratulations -- wool is a fantastic addition to any diapering routine. It's also quite easy to care for, provided you follow 2 important rules: 1) Lanolize your clean covers extremely well.*

2) If (when?) you find poo on the cover, don't panic!

Thanks to a stomach bug that made its way through our house last week, I was able to put together a quick video tutorial on how to handle poo. Please note, this video involves copious amounts of poo on a truly gorgeous plum sloomb wool cover -- I understand how upsetting that might be to some of my viewers, so please be prepared.. ;)


*If your baby's messes tend to leak onto your covers frequently, you may want to consider surface lanolizing your covers. Invert the diaper cover, put a small amount of lanolin into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to melt/soften the lanolin and then massage it directly into the fabric. This method provides the best surface barrier against poo-spillage!

Disclaimer: No fluff was permanently damaged in the making of this video. Hopefully, this video has helped prevent damage to other people's fluff. ;)

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