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Review: Mox Mittens*

It's Winter and I am sure may of you can commiserate with me when I say that trying to convince a toddler to keep his snow gear on SUCKS. Mittens are the worst, in my opinion, as they are so easy to take off. This week, I picked up a pair of Mox mitts (by Woombie) in the hope that the extra long cuffs would provide too great a challenge for Boy#3.  They retail for $12 for 2 pairs, and are available in sizes 0-12mos (thumbless) or 12-36mos (with thumbs). So far, so good -- my little Houdini hasn't figured out how to get them off and, even if he did, the mitts have a loop at the cuff to attach a mitten string. Awesome!

The cuffs on the toddler mitts are 11cm in length -- generous enough to discourage yanking them off, but not so long that they get caught in the elbow. They are made from 72% Cotton, 13% Spandex & 15% Elastin, so there is lots of generous stretch in the cuff. The sizing in the hand portion seems age appropriate -- a little big on my 20mos old.

I don't like that they are only one layer thick. Lining them with fleece or an extra layer of knit would go far in increasing their warmth -- these are great Spring/Fall mitts or "wearing in the car" mitts, but not "playing outside in Ottawa winter" mitts. I'd love to see them produce a deep-cold version as, overall, I prefer the fit of these long cuff mitts over other options I have tried.

I would also like to see a better color selection. The "Boy" set is red/blue and the "Girl" set is pink/purple. What about a nice gender-neutral bright green/orange combination? Or stripes?

The other thing I disliked about these is that they are made in China. I would pay slightly more for a made in North America (or, heaven forbid, made in Canada!) version.

Overall, I really like this product and recommend checking them out. I think the pricing is reasonable and the quality is good. As long as they are used in accordance to their limitations (ie. don't wear them when it's -20C), they will do a great job at ensuring little fingers are kept covered.

Boy#3 gives them two mitten-covered thumbs up, and so do I!

*This review is of products I purchased myself for personal use. I have not been compensated for this review in any way.

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