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Mother's Day Contest!

This contest is now closed to entries. Scroll down to see who won! A few months ago, I was generously provided samples from Baby Gourmet, an innovative line of conveniently packaged organic baby food purees. I'm not normally a fan of commercial baby food, but I could easily see the appeal of these shelf-stable BPA-free packets for that little something extra when traveling, in a hurry, or serving something not baby-friendly for dinner. The resealable packages make storage of leftovers a breeze -- just screw the cap back on!

What surprised me most about them was how tasty they were -- I was so amazed, that I kept asking my (adult) friends to try them, too! My baby loved them and even my 7 & 9 year olds gave them two thumbs up.

They have long expiry dates, making it easy to keep them in the cupboard until needed, and come in a variety of stages. My only complaint is that the Stage 3 items seem to be quite sweet  and dessert-like (though naturally sweetened with fruit). I'd love to see more savory vegetable options available!

Overall, I really like the product and wouldn't hesitate to offer it to parents looking for a healthy, commercial alternative to jarred baby foods or an excellent addition to a balanced diet of homemade meals.

Baby Gourmet has generously offered to sponsor a contest on my blog, offering you the chance to win a gift basket (valued at $100).

What you need to do:

Share your best memory from your first year as a mom. Was it when your baby was born and you first felt that amazing outpouring of love for your baby? Was it capturing those first steps on video? Was it the first time your baby said "Mama"?

Please post your entries below. The winner will be chosen on Friday, May 6th, after 5pm EST. This contest is open to Moms (Canada and US only) -- sorry fellas! Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win! Entries without an email address will be considered invalid. The prize will be shipped to the winner directly from Baby Gourmet.

Good luck!

Baby Gourmet on Twitter: www.twitter.com/babygourmet

Baby Gourmet on Facebook: www.facebook.com/organicbabygourmet

And the winner is (via Random.org, as it was hard to pick just one story as best!): Donna! Congratulations!

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