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Review: Baby Legs*

I was skeptical the first time I saw these leg warmers for babies -- they seemed like the silliest thing in the world to me. Why would babies need leg warmers? Just another money-wasting baby gewgaw, right? Wrong. That was before I had my May baby. May in Ottawa is a frustrating mix of "zomg, it feels like July!" and "zomg, it feels like March!". If you are into babywearing, as I am, it frustrates appropriate clothing selection that much more because it is easy to overdress your baby -- forgetting that your body heat is helping to keep them warm as well.

With Baby Legs, I was easily able to cover his exposed limbs -- keeping them toasty warm -- while dressing him in nothing more than a light onesie, ensuring that he wasn't too warm. Over the summer, I was quickly sold on dressing him in a onesie with Baby Legs at bedtime -- the leg warmers kept his legs covered, while the onesie allowed for easy night-time diaper changes.

As he's gotten bigger, I've grown to like them more and more. Thread them onto the shoulder straps of your baby carrier to keep the straps clean. Put them on in the morning when it's chilly out, then take them off when it's warmer -- no need for a complete change of outfit. Keep a pair in the diaper bag in case of diaper "issues" necessitating a change of clothing -- they work great as emergency "pants" when paired with a clean diaper! Now that my baby is bigger, his legs hang out of the carrier when I'm wearing him -- Baby Legs ensure that his legs are as comfortable as the rest of him.

Winter is coming, and I rest easy knowing that Baby Legs can take care of any drafts the creep under doors and around windows -- they will protect his tender skin as he learns to crawl on our cold, hardwood floors. And I am sure none of you will be surprised when I admit that I coordinate them with his outfit -- and, in our house, "outfit" includes the cloth diaper! I freely admit that the first ones I bought were the pirate-themed "Jolly Jack" Baby Legs (go great with a blueberry EasyFit!), but my favorite pair are brick red, with squash and green stripes. I love to pair them with the bumGenius diapers I have in those exact same shades. ;)

There are a wide variety of patterns and colours to choose from -- availability depends on your retailer. This is where I'll plug the shop -- we always have some in stock! The hardest thing about them is picking which pair is the cutest.

They're easy to care for -- the manufacturer recommends handwashing and laying flat to dry, but I've machine-washed them on warm and dried on low heat and find that works well too. They are 8cm wide x 33cm long. Baby Legs retail for $15/pair and they do have organic cotton options available.

Baby and I give these 4 thumbs up!

*This review is of products I purchased myself for personal use. I have not been compensated for this review in any way.

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