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"Mom" Coffee

I was amused to read about the World AeroPress Championship. I have an AeroPress (love it - it's awesome!) and it led me to reflect on my own recipe for my morning cuppa Joe. :) Melissa's Morning Coffee

  1. Get the AeroPress from its stand. Curse about not having emptied the old grounds the day before. Empty the grounds and rinse the press.
  2. Bring 2 cups of water to just under a boil in the microwave. Don't boil it, but almost boil it. If it comes to a boil, it's okay as you just realized you also forgot to wash your coffee cup when you forgot to empty the grounds.
  3. Wash your coffee cup while the water stops bubbling.
  4. Assemble press. Then take it apart again because you forgot to put in the filter. Coffee full of grounds tastes terrible -- you know this, as you've done it before. Reassemble press and stick it on top of the cup.
  5. Add 2 tbsp of coffee grounds to the canister - hope that your husband's home-roasted coffee doesn't taste burnt this morning. The coffee roaster hasn't been handling the Ottawa humidity well. Contemplate the wonderful coffee a proper roaster could roast. Ignore your husband needling you about the (non-existent) strength of your Joe - his coffee tastes like "burning," so what does he know anyway?
  6. Pour water over the grounds. Don't even bother looking for the stirring paddle because you never use it - of course, the reason you never use it is because you can never find it. Fumble about in the cutlery drawer for a spoon. Don't find one, as they're all dirty. Decide to look for one in the dishwasher instead. Jackpot!
  7. Stir the coffee/water mixture. Consider your breakfast options while half the water filters through the press on its own. Add more hot water to the press, give it another stir and slowly depress the plunger.
  8. Top your cup up with the remaining hot water.
  9. Replace the Aeropress on its stand. Forget to empty the grounds. Hey, you can always do it tomorrow, right?

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