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Review: ’50 Science Things To Make & Do’

Let's face it: rainy summer days can really suck if you don't have a magic trick up your sleeve to distract your kids! With this in mind, and knowing I'd need a little extra something to get me through a summer with the two older boys and a baby, I bought an awesome set of activity cards through #1's classroom Scholastic order. It's the Usborne 50 Science Things to Make and Do (link goes to Amazon) -- a set of 50 cards, each card having a different activity detailed on it. Almost all of these activities use items commonly found around the house, which is great because I really dislike 'rainy day' activities that require me to buy special supplies. Boy #1 is 8 years old and the instructions on the cards are clear enough that he can easily follow the directions by himself or help his younger brother with them. I would give this an age range of 5+ with parental assistance, and 8+ if the child is doing the activities alone.

The cards are durable, wipe-able, cardstock and come in a card box. The instructions include an teaser to grab the child's interest, step-by-step directions with pictures, and an explanation of the science behind the activity. I paid about $8.00 for the set through Scholastic, and feel it's great value for the money!

Boy #1 and I give this 4 thumbs up!

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