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Review: Tots Bots Easyfit All-in-One Diaper*

Review: Tots Bots Easyfit All-in-One Diaper*

Product Name: Easyfit All-In-One
Company:Tots Bots
Country of Origin: Glasgow, Scotland
Materials:Exterior: 100% Polyester with Polyurethane Laminate; Interior: 50% Rayon from Bamboo, 50% Polyester

Diaper Type: One-Size All-In-One
Weight Range: 8lbs - 35lbs
Height of front rise at each setting (approx.):Infant - 14cm (5.5"); Medium -15.5 cm (6"); Toddler - 17cm (6.75")

Dry weight: 110 grams
Saturated weight**: 283 grams
Absorbency: 173 grams

Available at: Extraordinary Baby Shoppe
Price: $24.75

The Tots Bots Easyfit All-In-One is a great addition to any diaper stash. It is a one-size diaper, intended to fit from 8lbs to approximately 35lbs, and is stuffable for extra absorbency -- a great option for overnights, naps, or other times when a little one may need to be in a diaper longer than usual.

The combination of bamboo rayon and polyester microfiber in the interior of the diaper provide lots of quick-wicking absorbency without compromising on a trim fit. My boys tend to be heavy wetters, so this being stuffable holds a lot of appeal for me. The moisture-proof PUL exterior seems more durable than other PUL covers I've used and it comes in a selection of awesome colours.

7lb6oz - 9 days old
7lb6oz - 9 days old

The interior is constructed with a special "wick-proof" zone around the absorbent core -- preventing moisture from wicking around the gusset. The absorbent core is cleverly designed as a stuffable "tongue" to allow for optimal washing and rinsing, and allowing it to be folded in a way to place absorbency where it is most needed.

I really like that this diaper uses environmentally-friendly fabrics and is made somewhere other than China. As a consumer, that's something I'm willing to pay a bit more for, though this diaper is comparable in price to some well-known "Made In China" pocket diapers. Something else that I really appreciate is that it isn't lined with a stay-dry lining -- many higher-end diapers are lined with fleece, which allows moisture to pass through into the absorbent core while keeping a dry surface next to the skin. I can always add a layer of fleece if I'm using it overnight, but I want my baby to associate peeing with feeling wet. The texture of the bamboo rayon helps keep any poop "explosions" to a minimum.

I found the fit pretty good, even on a 7lbs6oz newborn (see right) -- clearly, I couldn't wait for my little guy to hit 8lbs before trying out the diaper! The fit is much better now at around 9lbs (see below). It's one of the trimmest pocket/AIO diapers I'm using right now, making it a great choice for the diaper bag! I find that to get the best fit and absorbency for overnight, I need to add a doubler to the pocket, though.

The only cons I see for the Easyfit are as follows:

While I like the fit of the diaper with the extra-wide velcro, I find the tabs often open in the wash -- particularly the 2-sided tab. The polyester anti-wicking fabric inside roughs up very easily from the velcro -- this doesn't impair the function of the diaper, but it does affect the appearance a bit. I also don't care for the feel of the fabric.

8lb11oz+ -- 23 days old
8lb11oz+ -- 23 days old

The diaper is not absorbent enough for overnights without adding an insert. It is great for daytime use, but overnights require a bit more. It would be nice if the diaper came with its own additional insert, but anything can be added if necessary. This is a minor drawback, really, and I fully admit I'm nit-picking here -- however, if buying from Tots Bots (in the UK),it appears that an additional liner is included. The diapers here in Canada are distributed through Bummis and do not have the extra liner sold with them.

If the diaper isn't a snug enough fit, having good fabric contact with the bum inside, there may be some urine leakage around the legs -- particularly if the baby is lying on his or her side and tends to pee a lot all at once. A good, snug fit is required for urine to be fully absorbed by the bamboo rayon and microfiber and prevent liquid pooling inside. This can be partially addressed by adding more bulk to the diaper by inserting a doubler into the pocket.

This is a one-size diaper and as with any one-size diaper, fitting at all sizes can be a potential problem. While this diaper is working great for us at the lower end of the range, I'm not sure it is big enough to fit at the other end -- obviously, I can't say this for certain for another year or so.

Overall, I'm really happy with this diaper. It's already one of the first ones I grab in the morning, or reserve for the diaper bag. Thankfully, I have two in my stash! The baby and I give this diaper 4 thumbs up! ;)

* Diaper sample provided free of charge in exchange for review.

** Clean, dry diaper thoroughly soaked in water and then allowed to hang for 15min, until no more water dripped from fabric.

† Full disclosure means I have to admit that I already owned one of these great diapers and was extolling its virtues when a 2nd one was offered to me in exchange for a review. ;)

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