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Baby's First Blowout

All I can say, in hindsight, is that I should have changed the diaper as soon as I woke up. He was still sleeping, little monkey who kept me up all night, looking sweet and peaceful -- but I knew his diaper was saturated and instead chose to curl up next to him on the bed and watch him dream. A wet pocket diaper just doesn't fit as well as a fluffy clean diaper with a separate cover and, as adorable as he looked lying there lost in dreamland, I knew this. Still, I chose to put it off for a few minutes and enjoy my sleeping monkey.

His eyes were moving back and forth under his lids, sweet little sighs emitted as he smiled fleeting grins, and then...

...his face turned red. His eyes flew open! He made a noise that could only be described as a cross between a grunt and a growl!!

And he pooped all over the bed.

All. Over. The. Bed.

All over those clean sheets I put on the bed two nights ago. All over the fleece blanket and waterproof mattress pad (thank goodness!) we put down in the middle for him to sleep on. All over my pillowcase (still not sure how he managed that - it was at least 8" away from his bum). And all over me.

Apparently my baby of the tiny poos (I could even shake a lot of them off the diapers into the toilet) has figured out how to poo on a much larger scale. It certainly explains why he had me up all night!

It wasn't quite the start to the morning I was hoping for -- it was a little heavy on excitement as I ripped the bedding off the mattress while trying to keep #3 from getting poo on anything else -- but we're up now and I have coffee.

And he's falling asleep on the couch, looking so sweet and peaceful as his eyes grow heavy and he smiles...

Review: Tots Bots Easyfit All-in-One Diaper*

Review: Tots Bots Easyfit All-in-One Diaper*

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