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Term. In theory, I could have this baby boy AT ANY TIME but he's not allowed to be born until I've got our downstairs somewhat sorted out. Our main floor has become a major casualty of the work going on upstairs and this is the week we try to resuscitate it. That said, I've only four(!) things left on my to-do list - one of which is installing #3's carseat in the van. At this point, it looks like the homebirth will be going ahead - as long as Junior gives me time to get the downstairs back to rights. Our house is so tiny that it doesn't take much to reduce us to paths between boxes when we're working on a project, and that's where things are right now.

I work my last two before-baby shifts at work this weekend, which will be strange. I really love my job and it might sound sad but I really look forward to going to work each week and seeing everyone. :) I also love talking about cloth diapers, if you've not noticed yet. I gave my bamboo ones another run through the wash last night with some baby clothes - can't wait to use them. They're very cute.

The pregnancy is going great. I've gained a total of 16lbs - all on my boobs and thighs, seriously, and my belly button is only starting to go outie this week. With the other two, it was an outie by 7 months. Boy #3 is decidedly posterior, which has made sleeping not a lot of fun, but I have faith he'll shift before he's born. It's also made some of my "want to do's" a little hard to accomplish on my own, so we hired a friend to come and help me scrub down the main bedroom. The bonus was that she also primed over the terrible smurf blue for me - it's looks so bright and airy now. I love it and it's only splotchy primer at the moment! Will think about painting it a proper "colour" later in the summer.

The baby's dresser is assembled and filled with clothes. It was a real trip down memory lane pulling out clothes that my other two boys wore. The boys and I picked out a few options for #3's "first outfit" and have them all ready. I still have to get the diaper shelves up, but my efforts have been stymied by lack of a level, so I'll probably do that tonight.

As far as the bathroom "renos", I don't want to say much more than I'm really disappointed in Rona's product quality at the moment and hope the company follows through with our complaint and makes it right. I will say that out sink works now, albeit while leaking due to two(!) manufacturers' defects - which is appalling, given that we returned the first sink due to a different noticeable defect. Not cool, given the time and expense put into it on our part.

I met my third midwife this week and was relieved that I liked her. After the circus surrounding #2's birth, I was really worried about getting stuck with a "dud" third again.  I'm anticipating a quiet, laid-back birth, free of the drama I experienced last time.

I sort of wish my mom was coming to stay for awhile afterward, but there are various family obligations back East that she can't pass on to anyone else and we don't have any space in the house now where she can stay. I'd be surprised if she made it up, but we're going down there in August. It makes me a little sad to think she's never gotten to see one of my babies "brand new".

In totally unrelated news, I'm absolutely stoked that Crowded House is playing Bluesfest this year - baby boy and I will be there for sure!

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