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  • Apparently I'm not interested in blogging because I'm a woman. Clearly someone didn't do her research - the vast majority of the blogs I follow, as well as the ones I merely encounter by chance, are authored by women. Not to mention that I've been blogging myself since 2004. Apparently I'm mistaken and they're actually all authored by men because women have no interest in getting involved in the "blogging arena". I'd like to point out to Wente that mainstream media, where each reporter seems to have a "blog", has it all wrong -- those aren't blogs. They're just another way to deliver op ed pieces on behalf of the media outlet for which the reporter already works. Real blogs engage and, IMO, "Mommy Bloggers" in particular are keen to engage and share opinions. Want a list of engaging, opinionated, well-written blogs written by women, Margaret? Email me and I'll send you a list.  Until then, dearest Margaret, I call "bullshit" and "poor research" on your opinion.
  • My childhood BFF was in town for a visit a few weekends back - it was great to see her, I miss her, and I wish she lived closer. The boys were thrilled to see her and she gifted #1 a copy of "The Dangerous Book For Boys" for his birthday. He fell asleep reading it the first couple nights.
  • #1 is 8 years old(!) now. Where has the time gone? He can be difficult, stubborn, single-minded, and strong-willed, but he's also inquisitive, enthusiastic about learning, perceptive and intuitive, and seems so much older than he is by times. But 8? He's halfway through childhood now and not slowing down for an instant. I'm simultaneously happy and sad.
  • The boys have bunk beds now and no longer share a sleep space. They were very territorial about their bunks for the first week or so, but now routinely curl up on #1's lower bunk to watch movies or play. Both are thrilled.
  • I'm 31wks pregnant now and, in comparison to my previous pregnancies, only look about 6mos pregnant. Of course, I gained a Mack truck with each of those pregnancies and really haven't gained anything in the past month or so at all. All of those oh-so-important measurements are still where they should be, though, so no one's worried. I'm more amused by it than anything. Any weight I've gained has gone straight to my boobs and thighs - trust me, I can tell. :p
  • I mentioned it before, but #3 is another boy and I couldn't be more excited! I wasn't ready to be done with baby boys -- it would have been the biggest reason to have considered a #4, really. ;) He's healthy, his measurements look good, and he's finally head down. He had been transverse for awhile and it was not terribly comfortable. We've picked out a name in keeping with the "theme" of the older boys' names.
  • I've almost got all the carpet out of our house now. I spent yesterday ripping up the hall carpet. It was scary and gross to see all the dirt that sifts down through carpet that a vacuum can't suck back out. Be warned, carpet people -- this is happening to yours, as well! I still have 2/3 of the master bedroom carpet to remove, but that involves furniture shifting and I can't do that alone at this point.  I'm trying to get ready to do that and some painting in the main bedroom in April. I'm ready to lose the blue, even if only to a coat of primer until I figure out what actual colour I'd like in the room.
  • I'm still aiming for a homebirth, but have a lot of crap to do here before I'm comfortable with it. A good friend has offered to be on call to entertain the boys if needed (which is a big relief, with all family living back East). Knowing this is a boy and having named him seems to have lit a fire under me, though, and made his arrival seem more imminent and real -- thus making the associated cleaning, purging and preparations that much easier to manage.
  • Oh, and Spring is here! My garden is growing, and I wish I was out there in it instead of in here cleaning, shifting, and getting rid of stuff. However, I figure gardening is a good "8mos" project for me -- just physical enough without being overly taxing. ;)
  • And, finally,  a friend and I are going to see Thrush Hermit next week. I'm thrilled. I used to listen to them in high school, though couldn't even hum one of the tunes now, and am really excited. I hope she likes it as much as I'm going to! :D

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