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My "Done" List

I hate "To Do" lists because I inevitably get side-tracked by a kid-related emergency or find something that needs to be "done" more than what I've written on the list. Then, at the end of the day, I see my mostly unfinished list and feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished at all -- the feeling of defeat is a hard one to overcome and it really eats away at my motivations. Today I'm going to make a different sort of list -- a "Done!" list. I'll be adding to it as my day goes on.

  • Kids dressed, fed, school lunches made, and boys walked to school
  • 1 load of clothes folded and sorted
  • 1 load of clothes in dryer
  • decided WFD (sweet and sour meatballs on rice) -- beef taken out to thaw
  • ate breakfast and had a cup of tea (okay, not a chore -- but still important!)
  • new bag of donations for St. Vincent de Paul started (hope to fill it today)
  • load of kid laundry tossed in washer (10:15am)
  • (dealing with laundry back-log, hence:) folded load of laundry
  • folded another load of laundry and spent 15 min trying match socks from the "orphaned sock box"
  • spent 30 min sorting through books -- keep vs. donate
  • load of laundry into dryer
  • ate lunch -- the tabbouleh tasted funny... blech
  • folded load of bedsheets, towels, etc.
  • finished folding the kids' "put away after school" laundry -- how does a family of 4 generate so much laundry?
  • dishwasher unloaded (clean) and reloaded (dirty)
  • spent about 45min sorting through stuff upstairs -- keep vs. donate (2:21pm)
  • collected boys from school
  • spent 20min dealing with tantruming almost-8yr old
  • 40min tea break prior to making supper to chill out from adrenaline rush of dealing with the aforementioned tantrum
  • make supper
  • cuddle with 6yr old for 40min (at his demand, er, request)

On a totally unrelated note, it just occurred to me today that I've been blogging in this journal-style format for almost 6 years! And for a couple years before that in a more article-driven style. How time flies!

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