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22wks - Update

A little late, but my 22wk (January 11th) update: Looking more "pregnant" than "wow! you ate a lot over the holidays!" now, which is nice most of the time -- at least, it's nice when I can find something to wear that still fits. I've gone from a DD/E cup to being more comfortable in an F/G -- this is really annoying me, as before kids, I was a B cup and thought that was too large! I can only imagine I'll end up somewhere around the middle of the alphabet by May and I'm not really looking forward to it.

I had gained 4 lbs between my previous appt and my 22wk one -- first weight gain so far. As strangely happy as it makes me, I'm half serious when I blame it on the cheese I ate over Christmas. I ate *a lot* of cheese!

Blood pressure was a spectacular 100/60. The 18wk u/s showed that my ovarian cyst is a little larger and the technician couldn't get a clear measurement of #3's spine, so I'm going in for another look-see around the end of February. I've requested a special look at the baby's kidneys, as well, because if this one has the same trouble that #2 has I would prefer to know before s/he is born. Who knows? I may find out  gender before May after all! ;)

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