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WFD: 04 Jan – 10 Jan

Cooking and handling food is only just starting to appeal to me again -- no one warned me that pregnancy could make me stop enjoying food! -- and I want to get things back onto an even keel before this new little one arrives in May. I am going to try this to see if I can get back into a routine of planning meals ahead.

If nothing else, my weekly WFD post should guilt me into making more of an effort to use what we already have in the cupboard and make sure that our family meals are more balanced over the run of the week. Our freezers are full, we've two closets full of dry goods, and several shelves of home canned goodies in the basement -- other than essentials like milk and bread, or the odd "special" ingredient I might now keep on hand, we should be pretty good until the next Ice Age.

That said, I must remember to submit our buying group order to Mountain Path. I'm pretty much out of their stone ground all-purpose flour.

Monday: Roast beef (raised by local farmer!), mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy

Tuesday: Meal-sized spanokopita -- this is a great recipe!

Wednesday: Thai chicken satay over rice or steamed millet, bean salad & fresh cut veggies on the side

Thursday: Beef bhuna, smothered potatoes, lentil dhal, saffron rice with raisins

Friday:  Wildcard Day!  (DH cooks, because I work until 6pm.)

Saturday: "Fend For Yourself" Night, where we clean up the leftovers and eat from the cupboards!

Sunday: Hamburger soup (I use home canned tomatoes and stock instead of the more processed stuff )

ETA: On review, the week looks a tad meat-heavy. Fits with my theory that I'm low on iron, because anything that bleeds looks pretty yummy to me right now!

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