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I'm officially at the half-way point in the pregnancy now. I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about it, but still have worries in the back of my mind about something going "wrong". It wasn't until a follow-up u/s with #2 that we realized he had a kidney problem -- that didn't show up at the routine 18wk u/s. I fret a bit that something similar might happen with this one because I now know that it can -- with #1, I was blissfully naive about such things and didn't give them another thought. As far as gender guessing, anything is still possible -- Baby kept legs stubbornly crossed, so we didn't get a peek. This bothered me at first but not so much now. I rather suspect this one is a girl -- probably because I know a girl would cause the most upheaval in our tiny house. ;)

I'm tired and craving red meat, so I suspect my iron is low. I'm horrendously weepy, something that didn't happen with the boys. I've been getting wicked cravings all along -- another difference. I'm only now at my pre-pregnancy weight, whereas with the other two I'd gained 25lbs by this point. I'm sure some of these changes can be chalked up to being pregnant in my 30's this time and starting out at a healthier weight.

I'm getting a belly now and my boobs have doubled in size (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but I've gone up a cup size -- if not two!). Bending over is getting awkward and I need to buy some pants that fit.

I can feel the baby move from the outside now, but haven't been able to catch it at a time when I can let anyone else feel it. The boys are eagerly waiting to feel the baby move. #2 has been practicing cloth diapering his teddy bear and asking to feel my "womb". #1 is a bit less excited, but has been asking detailed questions about everything.

I feel a bit Grinchy, but I'll be glad when Christmas is over and I can pack all this extra stuff away. This is the last big "production" before the baby arrives -- #1 and I have birthdays between now and then, but we're pretty low-key about that stuff around here. Christmas has kind of put a month-long stop on getting anything productive done and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by all I want to do before May.

I'm thinking about asking my Mom if she'd like to come up just after the birth. The boys would love to get some undiluted "Grammie attention" and I think I'd like her here this time. I've awhile to think about it, and it might not even be possible as my own Grandmother is older and not well. She needs regular visits and care from my mom, and I'd feel bad taking Mom away if there's more need for her there.

So, to sum up: I'm at the halfway mark, this pregnancy feel completely different, we don't know gender yet, and I've a crapload of stuff to get done before the baby arrives in May.  Am trying with varying success to not feel completely overwhelmed by my to-do list, and I want this hormonal weepiness to lay-off.

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