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Such A Slacker

Okay, I admit I've been a terrible blogger lately -- I'm sure I've excuses, generally do, but the truth is I was busy worrying about Swine Flu, what my follow-up ultrasound would show, dealing with two(!) different colds, building a robot dragon costume for #2 and trying to get my ass in gear for the craft fair I'm in on November 21st. First things first:

Ultrasound was great. Baby is healthy, moving around (I have been feeling it sporadically for about 3wks now), and has a good heartbeat. I'm almost 13wks and the EDD was confirmed for May 18th, 2010. We didn't get to peek to guess at gender this time, but I had them print off a picture to show the boys.

#2 commented that it doesn't look much like a baby yet, while #1 was full of questions like "when will it grow fingernails", "will it have hair when it's born", "can it suck it's thumb yet" and other rather specific questions I had to look up to be able to answer. He thought it was cool that he could see the outline of the spine. As for me, I think I'm actually getting excited now.  I had a pile of bloodwork to check my immunities, levels, and all that stuff -- I won't have those results until next week.

I've 2/3's of the stuff I need to sew for the craft fair cut out and ready to go. I'm hoping to get started on that tonight. Next week I'll be baking and sewing and the week after I'm hoping to worry about dipping stuff in chocolate and other finicky details. I'm really nervous and hope it goes well and I'm not left with too much stock. It would have been nice if I'd been able to line up another one for the following weekend.

#2 as a Robot Dragon
#2 as a Robot Dragon

The robot dragon costume turned out great -- the head was mounted to his bike helmet at an angle so it wouldn't impair his sight. The "buttons" on the front light up.

He was thrilled and now I'm wondering what he'll want to be next year. 6 days wasn't quite enough prep time to do this costume the way I'd wanted to!

Now, just because I'm feeling a little sappy, a list of thing I love:

  • DH and my kids, even when they're driving me crazy. They've been surprisingly good with my scattered and distracted behaviour over the past month.
  • Blip.fm, 'cause I've been reliving Grade 12 today through the tunes of The Pixies/Breeders, Dead Milkmen, Ramones, Me Mom & Morgentaler, and so many more. It's so easy and convenient! :)
  • My job, because nothing is better than working in a great place with great people and great stuff. It's even more awesome because it's fun, too!
  • I love that my almost 8yr old still likes to hold my hand most days on the walk home from school, and that my almost 6yr old insists on giving me a big, loud and messy goodbye kiss every morning at school when I drop them off. Boys are super. :)
  • Tabbouleh. Right now I *really* love tabbouleh. Unfortunately, I'm now out so will have to try to love something else for awhile. Can't get over the food cravings in this pregnancy -- wonder if that means it will be a girl, because I craved *nothing* with the boys.
  • I love the new OPL catalogue. I've waited a long time for some of the changes they've made. Yay(!) for making things easier! ;)

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