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It's A Real Baby!

Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I had a good ultrasound (for the most part). There's a real live baby in there, with a real live beating heart. Yay! That said, I'm still not totally stress-free about this whole pregnancy thing. The baby measures 9 days behind "dates" -- I typically ovulate late, so this isn't necessarily "abnormal" -- but has a good strong heartbeat. I will feel better when this u/s is followed up with the midwives and I can see that growth is remaining consistent, though. My EDD based on gestational age is May 18, 2010.

We also found another ovarian cyst. You'll recall that I had some endo and cyst-related junk removed last October, and that I actually ended up in surgery while pregnant with #1 to have an orange-sized cyst removed. This has me a bit freaked out, but I'm trying not to think about it until after another u/s either confirms it has remained stable in size or (hopefully) has disappeared. I really don't want to be in a position where I have to contemplate surgery while pregnant again. The cyst is currently a bit bigger than my ovary -- ironically, *not* the ovary that has given me problems in the past. The ultrasound report is interesting, in that I can see just how much of my left ovary was lost in my first surgery.

Normally, I would choose to eschew any ultrasounds other than the usual 20wk check but I think I'll be requesting an earlier one to ease my mind on these two things, if for no other reason.

So, with all that technical stuff aside, I'm starting to "think" pregnant if not feel pregnant. I've been having mad food cravings that are illogical and intense -- I swear I'd chew my arm off to get to whatever my stomach tells me to eat. I have nausea through most of the day, unless I crave something and can eat that. I'm eating early and late in the day, and not too much in the middle. I'm looking around my house and feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed with everything I need to "get done" before May -- case in point,  yesterday I decided that I absolutely *had* to bleach the bathroom (haven't owned or used bleach in over 10 years), so that I could paint the unfinished floor with a while glossy oil-based paint. The smell is making me gag, but my brain feels much better. Now, of course, my brain is thinking of all the purging of "stuff" I need to accomplish.

Did I mention that I'm also feeling insane enough to decide to try selling at a craft fair this year? I was contemplating LadyFest, but I don't think I'm ready for that -- I'll start small with the community center one (providing they do it again this year). I'm also open to taking biscotti orders from anyone interested. I can accomodate most food sensitivities, though cannot guarantee against cross-contamination with nuts. Contact me directly for flavours and a quote.

And, at some point in here, I need to get the rest of my plants in the garden, the bulbs in the ground, and the yard tidied up for winter. Interested in a "garden" party? Anyone? Didn't think so. ;)  I think everyone has the same problem as me!

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