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I'm still pregnant. My boobs hurt, I want to sleep all the time, and everything makes me feel like barfing, but I'm still pregnant -- which is good! I'm around the 7wk - 8wk mark, according to dates, but probably less if based on ovulation. I have an ultrasound booked for Friday where, hopefully, I will hear a heartbeat and get to stop feeling quite so stressed. Stress is sort of the name of the game for me right now, and it's pretty hard to relax. I want to be excited. I'm hoping whatever I find out Friday lets me loosen up and start enjoying this.  I hope it at least loosens me up enough to call the midwives -- I haven't even done that yet because part me is still expecting this to go toes up.

In utterly unrelated news, we only have the Series 4 Easter episode of Doctor Who left to watch before we're all caught up. What will I watch then? Poo.

Opinions on Ottawa Midwives Wanted! :)

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