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Got today's follow-up bloodwork results and they're good. I'm happy but perplexed because I am still spotting and a different sort of crampy from what I remember of my early 2nd pregnancy. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic, though, as the numbers are good. Yes, I asked for the numbers. I wasn't going to, as I can tend to be a bit obsessive about things but I really needed to know how "good" the results were when she told me "your results are good". I'm sure there are those of you who can understand this need to quantify the "goodness". I need to know how hopeful I can let myself be. I'm scared to be hopeful.

In any case, I'll share the #'s. Cycle day #28, hcg was at 79. Today (CD#31), they're sitting at 421. The progesterone level is appropriate, as well, though I didn't ask for the #.

I'm really hoping I have no need to go in for follow-up bloodwork between now and the 25th, which is when they've scheduled me for an u/s and follow-up.

But for now.. yay?

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