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I've become a lazy blogger -- too preoccupied with my gardening, I think, to do much more than contemplate posting. However, I've some stuff to share in point form:

  • I've been off Effexor a week now. I still get periods of numb face and brain zaps, but the vertigo and seasickness-like nausea are pretty much limited to the afternoon now. I've had no irrational hysterical breakdowns relating to no longer taking this -- a good sign, as I certainly *did* last time. I did have one screaming fit pertaining to the destruction of the kitchen in relation to all the homecanning, but that would have happened on or off the drug, to be honest. I want my kitchen back. I'm tired of sharing.
  • We are down to the last three episodes of Doctor Who Series 2. I'm very excited. I'm also about 1/2 done a "lapghan". As I'm only knitting when watching Who, I clearly need to burn Series 3 to disc. Can't stop now!
  • The boys start school Tuesday. This is the first year that they are *both* in full-day school. This is terribly exciting for me. I have my first three weeks of projects all planned out. None are conventionally *fun* projects, but anything is enjoyable w/ the right soundtrack -- I'm thinking my 'Wicked', 'Les Mis', 'Miss Saigon', and 'Titanic' Broadway cast recordings are about to go into continuous rotation. On a related note, I had to visit five (5!!) stores before I could find regular rulers for my kids. WTH? Do kids not need to measure things anymore?
  • Am strategizing a dried herb/spice/flower order from Mountain Path for holiday teas and body/bath gifts -- if anyone is interested in splitting quantities w/ me, please let me know. I know from experience that a 454 g bag contains a lot of dried ingredients!
  • I peed on a stick this morning and got two lines -- no squinting involved and well-within the time window. I'm not even technically "late" yet, but my boobs feel like great big concrete bruises. So I guess I am pregnant -- for now, at least -- but I'm just not excited about it. Will be calling to book blood test tomorrow. I'm hoping that my instincts are right and that Effexor was related to the earlier pregnancy losses. It'll totally suck if I have a third loss this year -- it takes my iron levels awhile to rebound from it all. So, no congrats yet please, but all good vibes are welcome.

Now, it's time to gear up for work. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? (Psst! I *totally* love my job!)

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