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Bet you thought I'd forgotten..

Yes, I've watched Torchwood: Children of Earth. No, I'm not ready to review it.

I need to watch it through at least four times, before rendering my verdict -- the first time savour and get over the initial ~squee!~ and *shock!*; the second time to see if the *shock!* was an appropriate choice and necessary to the plot; the third time to simply enjoy it as rocking television; and the fourth will be with pad and paper as I prepare my review.

As I'm still working through my second viewing, it might take awhile.

I'm not speeding myself up, either, by watching Doctor Who -- I'm a Whoniverse newbie (a Whobie?) and am eating it up like ice cream. Awesome -- just fantastically awesome television!

Long live the BBC!

(BTW, I'm totally painting my garden shed to look like the Tardis -- painting party next Spring! Wanna be invited? :D )

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