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Review: "Nestea vitao"

The other day, I received three cases of Nestea vitao to try and then review for my blog. Always the skeptic, I wasn't expecting much as canned iced tea isn't really my thing -- I prefer the real thing. However, I actually really enjoyed two of the three flavours and was impressed that a can of vitao had fewer calories than a can of tonic water. At 90 calories a can and lacking any artificial sweeteners (which I don't consume), it met most of my criteria for a prepackaged beverage. What's pretty cool about this product, though, is that it's fortified with antioxidants. Each can held 90mg of calcium, 83mg vitamin C, and 1.89mg vitamin E. Sweetened with fruit juice concentrate and good old-fashioned sugar, it still manages to have a lot of flavour without jacking up the sodium content (as seems to happen with a lot of low-cal drinks) -- only 80mg sodium per can.

I really disliked the Fuji Apple flavour, but I typically don't like apple-flavoured items. The other two flavours were great. After a couple cans of them, it occurred to me that they mix well with gin so I gave it a whirl..

..and found my new favorite summer mixed drink. ;)

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