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#2 --> Future Greenpeace Aggressor

I incorporated some machine-dodging and crater-hopping into today's Fit-in 15 entry and took #2 on some neighbourhood errands. While walking on Armstrong behind the GT Express, #2 spied some litter in the road and made the following comment:

#2: "The man that left that there is a bad man, because throwing garbage on the ground is bad. When I grow up and see that man, I'm gonna kick him in the head for throwing garbage on the ground."


If you're the person who left an empty milk carton behind the GT Express in Hintonburg, someone's got your number. He just needs to grow a couple feet taller before he can do anything about it. ;)

(But seriously -- dude. Pick up your frigging garbage and put it in a garbage can. Makes stuff nicer for everyone. Sheesh.)

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