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Bootless, Fruitless, Null, Null, And Void

Regarding my news of last week, I was on the right track by not getting excited about stuff. Two blood tests and a whole lot of gravity later, it was pretty apparent that this pregnancy wasn't going to stick. All things considered, short of being annoyed at my body not working the way that it should, I think I'm a little relieved. I really didn't care to be *that* pregnant in February again. After 2.5yrs of ttc, part of me thinks I should be more disappointed but I'm really pretty okay about it -- mentally anyway. Even being "just a little bit" pregnant has resulted in a nasty cycle and has left me gasping for iron supplements. Spinach is on the menu tonight, and maybe some cow done rare. Of course, I *may* be going out tonight, which would alter what I'm eating for dinner. Dh and the kids will still be getting the spinach, though.

Since my last post, my laptop died in a bloody, take no prisoners, armageddon kind of crash. I may have lost all my personal files dating to last Fall. I know I should have backed it up -- this same thing happened last year. I didn't, for various reasons, and now am bummed that I might have lost all those photos of #1 and #2's birthdays, school field trips, school concert videos and more. I don't know yet which, if any, personal files are retrievable and I am quite honestly dreading finding out. I think there will be a fair bit of heartache there for me, as I hadn't been uploading as much to Facebook and Flickr over that time period as I was last year.

I had some really great pictures of #2's class trip to the Experimental Farm that I was intending to have printed -- ones of him patting a calf, up close and personal with a bunny, sitting in a bus seat with his best friend (both of them chewing on pieces of grass like little farmers).

Back your stuff up regularly, Folks. It might seem like a bit of a pain, but it's really sad when you lose those personal things that you can never get back. This sort of thing is, for me, the biggest downside of the digital photo revolution. I rarely get stuff printed so if the original file is lost, the image is gone forever.

I went with his class to the Parkdale Market this morning so the kids could select stuff to prepare for their "Kiwanis Book Party" tomorrow morning. It was a lot of fun to see the kids so excited about buying fruits and vegetables and learning how to wash and prepare them for eating. I like to let the boys do that sort of stuff anyway, but it was plain to see that it was a very new experience for some of the kids and really great to see them all revved up about it. Of course, now I have to see when the thing tomorrow is, as I didn't get a note about the time. Then I have to write myself a note and tape it to the door so that I'll remember to go! I'm really bad about that sort of thing. ;)

My week felt like it started crappy and got crappier, but in reflection it doesn't seem so bad -- I think it was just the snowball sensation of each disaster or disappointment following right on the heels of another.

There were some good things: I got to sew a really cute custom dress for someone; I finished handsewing one to list on Etsy and started piecing together another in a larger size; Dh let me get a lot of rest when I needed it and "things" eased off enough that my 6hr Saturday shift at work wasn't too much to handle ('cause I would have been bummed to miss it -- I do love working at the shop an awful lot!); I picked up a super cute BerryPlush diaper to add to my slowly growing #3 diaper stash (it's freaking bright orange!!); I watched a BBC mini-series I've been wanting to see for awhile.

It was kind of hard to see the good stuff at the time, though.

Good stuff for today? 1) Awesome field trip experience with #2 and his class -- and spending the whole morning with some really great 4 - 6 year olds. 2) Finding exactly the birthday gift for H that I'd had in mind for about what I was hoping to spend. 3) Hanging out with #2 all morning and after school walking about the 'hood having some great conversations -- he's a whole different kid away from his big brother. 4) Potentially going out with H tonight for some quality "girl time" before she moves to Alberta (boo) -- I haven't see her as much as I thought I would when she moved to town a couple years ago, but I've certainly enjoyed the times we have managed to get together.  The boys will miss her, too.

Good stuff for tomorrow? 1) #2's Kiwanis Book Party at the school. 2) Why, working at the Baby Shoppe, of course! :D

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