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Well, now..

I deliberated over whether or not this was something I wanted to share here yet. There are definate pros and cons to both sides of the issue but in the end I figured I'd post about it as, if it all went toes over nose, I'd want to feel free to post about bad news. While I'm not technically "late" yet -- will be by Sunday -- I've gotten that oft-looked for "faint line". In fact, I didn't believe the aforementioned faint line and was compelled to repeat the act several times over the last day -- just to make sure it kept showing up. I'll be phoning in later today to arrange for bloodwork to confirm and check levels, but am cautiously optimistic that even after January's disappointment "a line is a line is a line".

If I am indeed pregnant and it sticks, I'll chalk it up to three things: a) build the stash and one will come (regarding my growing stockpile of handmade baby clothing, knitted-by-me diaper soakers, and a few sweet new diapers), b) working around babies, baby stuff and pregnant ladies, and c) telling my husband, quite emphatically, that I wasn't into trying too hard over the summer months as I in no way wanted to be hugely pregnant in the dead of winter again.

Murphy's Law tends to be an effective agent of change for me.

I'm not really ready for congratulations or anything. I'm not at all excited right now, actually. I think I'm more worried than anything after what happened last time and will be cautiously optimistic until I've a bunch of bloodwork results that tell me everything is going well.

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