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Review: Meat, Meat, And More Meat

This will be a post where, despite my vegetarian leanings, I will fully expose myself once and for all as a person who really enjoys her vegetables in flesh form. I received a great little basket of President's Choice goodies to review -- just in time for BBQ season -- featuring pork from their new "Free From" line, steak from the "Tender & Tasty" line, as well as the ever-reliable "Air-Chilled" chicken (though I should note that we actually had drumsticks). The basket also included one of the PC dish towels -- always nice as a reusable giftwrap(!) -- one of their salt/pepper grinders, a bottle of Memories Of Dad's Grill sauce and a bottle of PC Steak Spice Marinade.

I have to qualify this review with a couple things:

1. Almost without exception, we purchase our household beef and pork from a local farmer and only purchase from a store when planning a BBQ or other event.

2. DH beat me to the steak and I didn't get a taste -- greedy bugger! Not only that, but he had to audacity to suggest I don't like steak just because I don't want to eat it every day! I love steak -- but I like it much more rare than he does, so prefer to cook it myself and consume it infrequently.

3. I've not marinaded anything in the marinade yet. :)

That said, the pork ribs were marinaded in the Dad's Grill sauce and thrown on the BBQ. They looked and smelled lovely when they came out of the store packaging -- fresh, pink, and lots of meat. They looked and smelled lovely sitting in the marinade -- which, btw, was already one we enjoyed here at our house. And they were fantastic once cooked and off the grill.

I choked a bit at the store prices on the ribs and the steak, but I think that was mostly because we get stuff for a much better price purchasing directly from the farmer. I've been spoiled. The quality of the meat was comparable, however, and will certainly remain an option for when we are entertaining.

I have purchased the PC Air Chilled chicken cuts before and have always been more or less satified with them. The drumsticks were no exception and I'm sure I will be purchasing them again.

I really love the little PC spice grinders and the salt/pepper blend is one I've done myself in a regular pepper grinder. The greatest thing about these little gems is that when they're empty, they are easily cleaned and refilled with spices. The only thing limiting you is your imagination and inventiveness. I like to refill them with a combination of fennel, dill, coriander, rock salt, granualted lemon peel, and peppercorns. It's a flavour combo that works well on everything from steak to fish! The grinder works really well and is less expensive than purchasing a new grinder for the same purpose. ;)

The steak spice marinade tastes and smells great, but I haven't actually used it as a marinade yet. I imagine it would be great with a really juicy steak and I'd be just as happy using it as a thinner steak sauce instead of a marinade! It's a piquant blend of pepper, salt, malty vinegar flavours, and a sweet touch of pineapple. It's pretty yummy. :)

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