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Guerrilla Gorilla

I resort to lists too often. Today is my first day in the house by myself for the full day, as DH started his new job this past Friday (and #2 is half days on Monday and I work on Tuesdays). I made a big list and only have one significant entry left to accomplish. Yay me! Yay lists! Still, there are always more brief disjointed comments I can jot down about what's going on with me:

  • I am still really, really loving my job. Really! It's awesome and fun, and I can't get enough of the subject material. Right now I'm having a fluffymoon over the new FuzziBunz One Size -- they're ingenius! They're brilliant! They would have solved so many of my pocket dipe issues with the boys! And they're a ONE SIZE! Too fricking sweet. Apparently my enthusiasm must be contagious as I managed to sell at least half the ones we had on the shelves over the weekend -- and I still haven't picked one up to add to my tiny growing stash that is now up to one diaper and one cover. :D
  • Related and unrelated: I am finally getting my Ravelry account going and am starting a Curly Purly soaker (opens a PDF). It's going good so far - I just finished the waist and am moving into short rows territory. Short rows are totally new to me, so we'll see how that pans out. I'm making it from a skein of sunny yellow Prairie Wool by Custom Woolen Mills, that I purchased at Wabi-Sabi with a birthday gift certificate my friend H gave to me. She turned out to be quite the enabler, but I'm not complaining. ;)
  • Mostly unrelated: I've scored a few really awesome vintage baby-toddler patterns (1940's-1970's) on Etsy and will be making a few up in the next couple of months to see what I can do with them. I've an adorable, classic pattern here for a wrap pinafore that I can easily modify to be reversible. If only I had a girl of my own to make them for -- ah well, such is life. I also nabbed a great pattern for a toddler boy double-breasted swing-style coat. I've got plan -- oh boy, I've got plans!
  • Totally unrelated: I embarked on some guerilla gardening today and planted some William and Mary, catmint, three colours of violets, and some bleeding heart at the local park. I didn't feel at all guilty taking back to tiny pieces of two different violets to add to my own garden. This brings my garden total to five different colours now. Guess what my favorite flower is? C'mon -- guess!  I'm hoping to keep adding more of my extras to the park -- slowly expanding the area that is planted in a way that won't threaten the city workers when they come to mow. ;)
  • Last but not least, I'm back listening to Broadway and singing along (loudly) without shame or discomfort now that DH is back at work. Yay for fromage! :D

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