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Review: Febreze 'Destination Scents'

After 'serenity now', the television catch-phrase I most often find myself saying after a challenging day with the kids is 'Calgon, take me away!' Calgon doesn't need to worry about me anymore, because Febreze has a new line of scents that draw inspiration from exotic locales around the globe. I'm in Brazil at Carnival right now, sipping a chilled drink and enjoying the hot sun -- about as far away from this damp, chilly, and snowy Ottawa day as I can possibly be! Well, unless I choose to go to the Moroccan Bazaar, or lounge around on a Hawaiian beach -- decisions, decisions. ;)

All joking aside, the scents are actually quite nice. The Hawaiian Aloha scent is my favorite -- if a scent could be a colour, I'd say this one is yellow. If you like a scent with a bit of tang to it, the Brazilian Carnival has a nice fruity bite. Moroccan Bazaar is a mixture of warm spicy tones -- I can detect ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and perhaps a hint of clove.

If aerosol sprays aren't your thing, the new 'Destination Scents' also come in air freshening candles and scented oils (for use in Febreze NOTICEables). This is my preferred way to scent a room, as I'm not a huge fan of scented sprays.

Now when I first heard about the 'Destination Scents', the first thing that crossed my mind was "what are some of my favorite destinations? what do they smell like?" Somehow I don't think mine would sell very well:

Ross Creek Beach: An alluring combination of fresh, salty air, rotting seaweed, and sun baked rocks.

Ottawa in Spring: Be drawn into Spring with the cloying scents of mud, wet asphalt, and thawing dog poop.

There is a reason I'm not paid to come up with this stuff.

That said, I think Febreze would do well to come out with a line of "homey" scents like 'newly washed floor', 'clean dishes', 'fresh baked bread', etc. I've always liked the Glade "fresh linen" scent for a reason. ;)

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