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"Amos Needs To Call First" - #2

A couple weeks ago, during a meat brining binge with friends, we were visited by a friendly little marmalade cat named Amos. #2, a motherly sort of boy who instinctively believes that everyone and everything is his friend, decided he was going to take Amos under his wing and show him the ropes of living in our house. He coaxed him indoors, introduced him to the cat food dishes, showed him the boys' room, and tried to help him make friends with our cats. Once he declared he was renaming the cat "Paul", we decided it was time to help Amos find his way back home. Fortunately his address was on his harness and his house was around the corner. The three of us carted him back to his home and #2 said goodbye.

On the walk back to our house, #2 asked in a woebegone voice, "Can I call Amos on the phone? I'm going to miss him."

With my amazing psychic powers of deduction, I responded, "I think Amos will come visit us again someday -- you just wait and see."

This morning I was hustling the boys out the door when I caught an orange flash of movement out of the corner of my eye.

"Amos!", #2 yelled happily. Amos stopped in his tracks, looked up at #2 on the porch, and then came running up the steps to say 'hi'. As we were running a bit late, he was popped into a cat carrier to await a return home a little later. He seemed less than thrilled at this turn of events, but generally amiable all the same.

After saying goodbye to Amos, #2 admonished him for his timing, saying "you should call before you visit -- now is not a good time. I have to go to school!"

Somehow I suspect that Amos will be visiting again, though -- and I rather suspect there won't be a phone call. ;)

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