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Urban Hippy

I've finally stopped joking about it and started freely admitting that, yes, I am an "urban hippy" in most ways. My acceptance of Hippydom came, I believe, last summer when using the sledgehammer to smash up donated, "found", and recycled concrete patio stones to make a rather organic-looking seating area in my back garden. (I will be creating something similar in the side yard this year, for those who are curious.) DH, being home, unemployed, and generally driving me nutty now, has fully embraced his own inner hippy and has been busy as a beaver setting up a website where we can play online. My blog isn't going anywhere, but I will have a few things that are cross-posted to the new site (product reviews, etc).  Pretty much everything I'd post to the recipe site will be also found on urbanhippy.ca.

What will you find there? Well, pretty much everything we do that our friends consider "hippy". There are video tutorials on the cheapest and easiest way to make chicken broth, how to brine meat for smoking and roasting, step-by-step video guides to different recipes and cooking methods, gardening, and more. Eventually, we hope to offer a succinct guide to setting up cooperative buying groups, easy ways to buy and eat "locally", and interesting and unique ways to turn trash into treasure. We even have a discussion group set up for the topic of "urban foraging" -- something I love, btw!

Drop by, check it out, and tell us what you think. :)

Happy Dots

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