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Happy Dots

A little list of things currently making me smile:

  • Free books -- I just "won" my first two books through LibraryThing and am eagerly anticipating their arrival. I'm also having a great deal of fun randomly adding to my library from books that I own and books that I've read -- it's a pretty scattered combination at this point of library books borrowed and read, and stuff I actually own. When I tire of trolling the groups and people's libraries, I review a couple of the things I've listed in my own. It's fun and essentially no-pressure. I'm finding myself thinking about the fun I could have with a CueCat. :)
  • Indian food -- made two really yummy new-to-me recipes last night and had leftovers for lunch. So. Much. Yum.
  • Miniatures -- I used to collect them as a child, and made some too. I was poking around Etsy and found some things that lead me on a four hour trip down memory lane, reading some of my miniature design books and (kind of seriously) thinking about constructing a miniature building of some sort. I think I'd have a lot of fun with a miniature cake shop. Or green grocer. :D  
  • Had a rough start to my morning and #2 came over, patted me on the shoulder, looked at me sympathetically and suggested I needed some coffee. Think he knows me well? ;)
  • BBC costume dramas -- watched North and South Saturday night. (Which, btw, stars "Mary" from the Torchwood episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts".) Might watch Persuasion tonight.
  • Sweeney Todd -- watched this Friday night. How did I not know Angela Lansbury was Mrs. Lovitt in the original run? I love her stuff, but somehow this escaped me. Have both soundtracks on request from library. Can't get "Worst Pies In London" out of my head -- am hoping #2 doesn't start parroting the lyrics back to me. He has a good ear for tunes from musicals -- maybe someday I will get to be a stage mother. *glee*

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