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Review : Mr. Clean w/ Febreze

I received a fabulous package of Mr. Clean cleaning products in the mail just recently, and was intending to get to them for review later this week. I got to one of the products sooner than anticipated, however, when a friend's kid did what kids do best and experienced the misfortune of barfing on my stairs. (Poor girl!) I was out of the house for the moment of excitement, but entered the kitchen just in time to hear my friend ask if we had "a multi-surface cleaner of some kind" around with which she could wipe the stairs.

"Why, yes!" I responded, before trotting over to the Mr. Clean bucket, "I do, in fact! And it's Lavender Vanilla & Comfort scented! With Febreze!" (Okay, maybe I didn't say all of that, but I do recall mentioning the words "Febreze" and "lavender".) I pulled out the spray bottle of Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Spray with Febreze Fresh Scent and handed it to her.

After wiping the stairs and stairwell wall, my friend exclaimed the product worked great and smelled good too. Normally, scented cleaning products irritate my eyes and nose a bit but this one has a light, airy smell that doesn't weigh heavily in the air the way that some products do. It completely eliminated any lingering puke odours and has left the house smelling springtime fresh. It cleans really well too -- it got a lot of grubby handprints off the stairwell wall. ;)

While I'm not huge on chemical-based cleaners, I do believe that they have their places -- bathrooms and "sick" messes being high on that list. I'm really happy with how this product performed in this situation and will definately use it again when circumstances require.

My 5 year old had his own comment on it, upon sticking his head into the stairwell and inhaling deeply: "Mmmmmmm!! Smells good!"

ETA: My upstairs hallway has been a "forgotten" zone for awhile. A year or so ago, the kids coloured on the wall with pencil and crayon and because of the nature of the paint (lead oil-based high gloss), even erasers didn't really remove it. Not even the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser *gasp*! After my friend's experience in my stairwell, I decided to try this on the wall. There are a few spots where the kids must have pressed extra hard that I can still see traces of, but essentially it removed all of the pencil. I'm amazed, thrilled, and beside myself in happiness that there is no longer a mess of scribbles on the wall.. now I need to go on a hunt through the house, as I know they've attacked other walls with their demon writing sticks.. ;)

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