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Surprisingly, Persona Non Grata

#1 is having his "birthday party sleepover" with his best friend tonight, which means my house is at its testosterone max with four guys (5, 6, 7, and 42 years old). After baking a Transformers (the original series, thankyouverymuch -- watched it growing up) "Autobot" cake, arranging an outing to a cool animated and slightly scary 3D movie they all loved, winning a "fake farting" contest, being proudly decloaked by #1 as a "tomboy", knowing that Bakugan are not robots (DH, you're so uncool!),  and taking them outside to light giant sparklers on fire (!!), I was banished at bedtime when all three boys declared they intended to sleep in their underwear.

Apparently, I'm too much of a girl.

I have resigned myself to my fate, however and am contemplating topping up my glass of cider, having another slab of cake, and letting DH handle all the bedtime hijinks that will inevitably occur. I might even knit.  ;)

Never A Waste Of Time