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Review: Oral B Triumph

I received a couple toothbrushes in the mail to review and chat about here back in December. One was an Oral B Vitality, which we already own and enjoy. The other was the Oral B Triumph -- a bit of a cadillac in terms of electric toothbrushes. It has a number of neat features that I really like. One is a wireless display that functions both as a small bathroom clock and as a brushing aid. As you brush, the display indicates which part of the mouth you should be brushing. It guides you around your mouth in 30 second increments, ensuring a thorough brushing. If you're like me, this is great. Normally I probably give a half-hearted scrub here and a lacklustre effort over there, but the guide forces me to acknowledge and apply 30 seconds of cleaning to each quadrant of my mouth. It's also a great tool for kids, as it encourages them to brush for the full 2 minutes, reminds them to brush carefully, and rewards them with a digital happy face at the end. (Okay, I admit *I* like the happy face, too!)

There are several different heads that can be used with it. I use a standard brush head for the kids, a flossing head for myself, and once a week I also use the polishing head. The flossing head won't replace actual flossing, but does get between teeth better than using the standard head. The polishing head leaves my teeth feeling a smooth and shiny as they do when I leave the dentist's office. I feel as though my teeth are even somewhite whiter than before I began using this brush.

The brush has a digital display on it that indicates the battery charge -- I like this, though it might not be important to some. I did find the base (which includes the charger) to be large and cumbersome. I solved this by removing the charger and using it without the base. Our counterspace is small and every inch counts, but folks with bigger bathrooms might appreciate that the base includes storage space for the extra brushheads.

All in all, I give this brush a big thumbs up! I am very happy with it and if I'd known how much I would end up liking it, would probably have bought one for myself by now. :)

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